Spreedbox Holdings Limited


Spreedbox Holding Limited is applying to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) under the 'SBX' ticker code. It has an Australian Company Number of 616 092 454 and is the holding company for Australian-based Spreedbox Pty. Ltd.


Spreedbox offers a technology solution to secure cloud, data and communication over the Internet providing privacy and security to voice, video, conferencing, instant messaging, and file sharing.

 Secure & Private Communication

Among highly-secure state-of-the-art encryption methods Spreedbox device is capable of cutting-edge post-quantum encryption (PQCRYPTO).

Organisations and individuals purchase the Spreedbox device which houses three complementary applications:


Targets the online meeting and web conferencing market by enabling secure voice chat, video chat, screen sharing and file sharing over the Internet using the WebRTC standard.


Enables a private cloud that remains securely within the user’s firewall and under the control of the user.


Allows the exchange of multi-media rich and secure instant messages.


As the Spreedbox device is self-hosted, the data is physically within the organisation’s control, and organisations do not have to rely on third parties to manage encryption keys and that encryption relied upon for security is within their control.

 Open Source

The Spreedbox device is also Open Source with the source code and hardware design available for review. The most demanding and security conscious customers can assure themselves that there is no backdoor and the security cannot be tampered with.

 More Information

Visit our website at: https://spreedbox.me